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The Los Angeles Emergency Preparedness Foundation (LAEPF) builds a more disaster-resilient and prepared community and serves community stakeholders by creating partnerships, encouraging collaboration, developing systems, implementing programs and demonstrating leadership.


A primary responsibility of LAEPF is to lead and manage the non-government functions and services delivered by the Business Operations Center (BOC). The BOC is located within the City of Los Angeles’ Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and includes dedicated space to accommodate representatives from business and non-business sectors – a total of 12 sector seats – and LAEPF helps to build individual sector support teams.  With LAEPF’s help, each sector identifies individuals who are trained to represent the interests of their sector and deployed to the BOC in the event of a declared emergency. Supported by a detailed BOC Operations Guide and public facing software tools the handling of donations – funds, goods, services, facilities – and volunteers each sector is ready to facilitate information sharing.

LAEPF is a strong partner, supporting community disaster response and recovery through its donation and resource management capabilities, partnership and network building, training and coordinating BOC sector member organizations and enhanced situational awareness abilities. 

LAEPF also supports community preparedness events such as the 2017 Small Business Preparedness Initiative.  Click here for more information.

Nationally, LAEPF has established and maintained an excellent relationship with DHS/FEMA.As a result, FEMA selected LAEPF to lead the national Community Resilience Innovation Challenge Awards program – responsible for program development, application design, application evaluation, awarding of funds and tracking of results.


Help Los Angeles Prepare for Natural and Man-made Disasters

LAEPF is proud to direct 100% of donated funds for preparedness to programs that have a direct, visible, and measureable impact on our City of Los Angeles residents, businesses and community.  Your personal and business donations are key to helping our underserved community members, seniors, children and individuals with access and functional needs.