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2017 LAEPF Community Resilience Innovation Project

The Los Angeles Emergency Preparedness Foundation (LAEPF) is pleased to be working directly with the City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department (LAEMD) in the development and implementation of programs designed to significantly improve the level of community resilience to natural and man-made hazards across all stakeholder sectors in the Los Angeles region. For 2017, these programs include the following:

Small Business Preparedness Initiative

Small businesses throughout the Los Angeles area (including disabled veteran and disadvantaged businesses) are given the opportunity to have a trained disaster preparedness professional spend 1 to 2 hours at their business location to provide free emergency plan development and on-site risk consulting services. The objective of this program is to review 100+ businesses creating tailored emergency plans along with educating business owners on employee preparedness, insurance considerations, SBA, FEMA, City and County of Los Angeles services and capabilities. LAEPF experience has shown that working on-site with small business owners is the best way to achieve positive, sustainable results.

LA Humanitarian and Community Support Initiative

The homeless and in-need population living in the Mission District of Los Angeles has continued to expand bringing with increased health, security, financial, social and cultural challenges. LAEPF works with community groups and organizations that support the needs of the homeless and underserved population. LAEPF provides blankets, hats and supplies to over a thousand members of the Mission District community. LAEPF encourages businesses to hire locally and deliver services to help revitalize and strengthen this community.

LAEPF Business Operations Center Partnership Initiative

LAEPF’s responsibilities include managing the Business Operations Center (BOC) located inside the City of Los Angeles Emergency Operations Center. LAEPF brings together representatives from 14 distinct sectors including business, academic, faith based, non-profits and community groups. Each sector has a seat in the BOC and an equal voice to represent the best interests, challenges and capabilities of their sector. LAEPF and LAEMD provide education, collaboration tools, information systems, documentation and a well-organized structure that places the BOC on par with other major departments for the purpose of facilitating and maximizing the contributions and capabilities of the private sector. LAEPF is very pleased to have proven the capabilities of the sector team approach and BOC when the FBI requested support from LAEPF during the 2015 San Bernardino Shooting incident. In 2016 LAEPF was honored to receive the FBI’s “Above and Beyond” award for outstanding community service. The LAEPF board and advisory members donate their time at no-cost in support of the City and County of Los Angeles.